Tuesday, November 22, 2011

External Publications - 11/22/2011

One article is published on SeekingAlpha.com today:
  • Why It's Time To Buy Energy: Our latest check shows that it’s time to buy the energy sector (XLE). We also suggest selling short the utilities sector (XLU) for investors who can hold short positions. (a) XLE is the top ranked sector ETF by our fundamental ranking system. And XLU is ranked at the bottom. (b) Our sector rotation road map shows that we are in early expansion, which favors strategies of buying offensive sectors – XLE in our case. (c) As the volatility is edging lower, we prefer to sell short defensive sectors to fund a long position, rather than sell short offensive sectors to reduce volatility. (d) Energy price is trending up. This will benefit the energy sectors and punish utilities.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

External Publications - 11/8/2011

One article is published on SeekingAlpha.com today:
  • Thompson Creek: The Best Company in the Most Undervalued Industry: Thompson Creek Metals Company Inc. (TC) stands out in our search for the best investment opportunity: (a) Metal mining is one of the most undervalued industries by our calculation; (b) Thompson Creek has outstanding financial strength in the metal mining industry; and (c) Thompson Creek has a diversified portfolio, including safe haven bets such as gold and silver, and growth bets such as copper, plus strategic metal molybdenum, which saw stable demand even during the 2008-09 crisis.