For Casual Investors: Sector ETF Ranking Articles at

This free resource is probably our best offer to casual investors. Every weekend we publish an article at to update the fundamental ranks of offensive SPDR sector ETFs. The ETF with the highest rank is expected to outperform the market in short-term. Typical holding period is 4 to 6 weeks. But we suggest investors spending a few minutes every weekend to read the articles, because ranks change every week. We also suggest investors getting familiar with our ETF ranking methodology first.

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For Experienced Investors and Traders: ETF Ranking Newsletter

The ETF Ranking Newsletter is designed for investors and traders who have gained some knowledge and experience of the market. Our ETF ranking system is a novel fundamental approach that drives short term return. We observed that stocks with higher ranks had a strong tendency to outperform those with lower ranks over a period of one week. The data show that moving up 10 rank points translates to an extra annualized return of 1.7% in the past 10 years, if ranks range from 0 to 100. As a mater of fact, the S&P 500 Index returned an annualized 2.5% in the same period. More details are presented in our SeekingAlpha premium article on ETF ranking methodology.

With ETF ranking, investors and traders are better equipped to capture Structural Opportunities driven by fundamental changes during a business cycle, be it a sector, an industry, growth or value, a specific index, or a specific market cap.

Investors can also use ETF ranking as a Market Thermo-gram to gain insights on where we are in a business cycle thus what the possible trajectory is for the market.

We've published an adapted excerpt of our ETF Ranking Newsletter on SeekingAlpha: "Sector Rotation and Risk Appetite: Late Expansion Phase of the Business Cycle". My pen name on SeekingAlpha is Diffusion.

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For Fluent Investors and Traders: Trustamind Rank Web Service

For fluent investors and traders who know what they are doing, we offer Trustamind Rank web service, an interactive web-based research tool with which investors and traders can check the fundamental ranks of interesting stocks. This is still under construction and we have not defined a usage model yet. A screenshot may offer the readers some idea what this looks like.

For All: Wisdom of Warren Buffett Articles at

Finally I started reading Warren Buffett's letters to shareholders. I will share my progress by a series of articles: Wisdom of Warren Buffett. Hopefully everyone can gain something from reading them, at least some fun.

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For All: Big Money Index, Sector Rank Spread, and Risk Appetite Spread

The Big Money Index is a leading indicator we composed to gain insight on near future market direction. We observed that whenever there is a divergence between BMI and S & P 500 Index, more often than not, S & P 500 will follow BMI.

The Sector Rank Spread gauges the tendency of sector rotation, which will add fuel to the rally. A wide spread indicates a healthy bull market.

The Risk Appetite Spread gauges the risk appetite. A wide spread indicates that risk appetite is on and will add fuel to a bull market as well.

We offer BMI, SRS, and RAS for free at the bottom right corner on my blog.