Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Up Till November

We see the market will move up till November.

Germany and France vowed to save their banks, and the market is rallying on that news, even if some European countries are still doomed to fail. The catch is that they didn't have a package yet. They promised to have it ready by early November. Coincidentally it's earnings season between now and November. Investors will pay more attention to earnings while waiting for the Merkel-Sarkozy package. Recent fall of the market already priced in a new recession. The market doesn't need to have super rosy earnings to rally. Technically the market already broke 50MA, a major technical resistance. The next stop will be 200MA. We see by early November the market will move up to 200MA where it will face a major challenge. Plus by that time the earnings season is about to end and investor will switch back to the endless European problem. The Merkel-Sarkozy package will make it or break it.

Cheers! Until November.

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